Our Daily Dose served as a powerful introduction to the element fluorine and the issue of water fluoridation, but we barely scratched the surface! It's time for a feature-length documentary on the subject, and we are looking for MAJOR sponsors and donors. If you'd like a copy of our sponsor deck and a detailed description of the film, please email Jeremy Seifert at

The feature film will explore the many industrial uses and legacies of fluoride and its deep connections with industry and government.  Fluoride is a key ingredient in the phosphate fertilizers and pesticides of industrialized agriculture, in the chemical weapons of the U.S. military, in the drugs of the pharmaceutical corporations, and in the manufacturing of a host of products including aluminum, teflon, toothpaste and flame retardants.  It is the essential component of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), the Dupont and 3M chemical now known to be pervasive in our bodies, our rivers and our public water supplies.  This ubiquitous nature of fluoride has led to a multitude of health implications for all of us, and a tangled web of government collusion, cover-up, and confusion between the CDC, the ADA, the  FDA, the EPA and industry.   This and much, much more is ahead . . . .

Thanks for considering coming on board!